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Breaking Down the iOS 11

iOS 11 is the favourite thing to discuss for all gadget lovers now and we are here to break down the operating system. So, here we go!

Steve jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded Apple in the year 1976, and it is the world’s biggest information technology company in terms of revenue and in terms of total assets, it is the largest technology company in the world.

American multi-million dollar company Apple has confirmed that it wants to amplify Apple Music with a collection of music-oriented programming. Apple has received an app which is known as Workflow. We do not know anything about the new update, but the online world is trolling with speculation of iOS 11 features and its release date. It will integrate the upcoming acquisition into its iOS and macOS software one way or the other. Apple is planning to introduce a mode called ‘Dark Mode’. In this mode, the screen will appear complete with a dark background scheme, specifically suited for usage in late night. It will by default be the opposite of the standard white background of the device.

The iOS 11 operating system is extremely essential for Apple, as it will play an important role in the 10th generation iPhone 8 release. It is also expected from the multi-billion dollar company to deliver a splendid smartphone for acknowledging this landmark in the iPhone history. It is also being speculated that the current Automator app will take over the previous app by the same name on macOS.

Speculation regarding iOS 11 has been floating online, fans seem to cannot get enough of it. Another report which is keeping the hopes of the gadget freaks on a high level is the rumours of a swap in design for iOS 11. So far, we know that the preview of iOS 11 will occur at the Worldwide Developers Conference from June 5 to June 9, 2017. Although not all inbound updates will be made available at that time, but users can generally get a feel of the overall dynamics of the device and what it can offer us. As a result there will be some clarity in its rumoured features and specifications which are doing the rounds on internet.

Jimmy Iovine, the famous American record and film producer has confirmed that a good music service has to be more than a group of songs and a few playlists. Coming to the iOS 11 compatibility, Apple has not yet revealed the list of devices which would be compatible with the operating system, although it can be said that all iPhone and iPad released in the past couple of year will be compatible with the operating system. The technology company has not made any big updates to iOS since iOS 7 was launched way back in 2013Whether iOS 11 will be a better performer than iOS 10 or not, can only be known after its release. We are hoping for the best!

iOS 11 is the current update to the mobile operating system of Apple, which is already in its development stage at Cupertino, California, USA. This place is also the headquarter of the company.

At WWDC, the OS will be given to developers for testing purposes. The free to use preview of iOS 11 that will come up in June this year will allow users to tryout various features of iOS.

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